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Lampeter Wellbeing Centre – Project Update No. 03

Lampeter Leisure Centre transformation continues unabated, with the facility being given a second life

We’re delighted to bring you the third of our progress reports on the transformation of Lampeter Leisure Centre as we approach its reincarnation as Lampeter Wellbeing Centre.

Following on from Progress Reports 1 and 2, we are now entering the final phase of the £1.1m six-month programme of works awarded to LEB Construction by our client Ceredigion County Council.

The space is being reimagined and converted to provide an array of new services for the Lampeter community, including an initiative to improve physical and mental health while also offering employment advice and training, along with broader housing and support for young people.

As well as an increase in usable floor space through the installation of a mezzanine floor that provides additional rooms, the finished facility will boast a new gym, a new kitchen and a more modern feel throughout, while a new curtain wall will allow natural light to flood into the centre like never before.

For this third progress report and future ones, we continue to split the project down into several areas across the ground and first floors, each of which we cover in turn below.

Ground Floor

Area 1A – Lobby/Entrance

This revisualised reception area is reaching completion. The suspended ceiling grid has been installed and the walls plastered. Second-fix MEP will follow, but the new bespoke free-standing reception desk is finished in high-gloss laminate complete with a protective glass screen and is being readied to welcome the first guests to the revamped facility.

These works follow on from the first and second updates, which covered the installation of an all-new automated entrance door and the walls receiving a first coat of paint, each of which was preceded by new walls being erected and plastered, and the installation of completely new electrical wiring, plumbing, ventilation and fire alarm systems.

Area 1B – Consultation Rooms and Offices

As previously reported, area 1B has evolved hand in hand with Area 1A, so it’s now ready for second-fix MEP.

New flooring has been laid throughout, and the WC is complete with non-slip flooring.

Area 1C – Sports Hall

As of the last update, progress on the large dividing wall, formed of jumbo metal studs and closed up with plasterboard sheets, was ongoing. Standing at 19m wide and 10m high, it is now structurally complete and is waiting to be plastered.

This work adds to previously completed installation of the new lift to the first floor, which has been commissioned, ready for use, and covered with protective materials to keep it in brand new condition until the centre is ready for opening.

First-fix plumbing is ongoing in the fit-out of a new Personal Care Room complete with basin and hoists for disabled users.

Area 1D – Gym

The gym is getting into good shape. The shell has been plastered and the suspended ceiling erected. This area now awaits its new look, with painting and decorating to follow shortly.

First Floor

Area 2A – Area Mezzanine Floor

You’ll recall from Reports 1 and 2 that the mezzanine floor and concrete deck had been installed, with walls being constructed from the concrete surface. Well, the news is good, as half the walls are now erected and due to be completed imminently, before plastering commences.

Area 2B – Upper Rooms

We’re expecting the upper rooms to be finished in the next week.

Area 2C – Practical Skills Room

The Practical Skills Room continues to progress well. Second-fix carpentry has been completed and new ceilings installed. The area is now prepared and ready for decorating and new flooring to be laid.

Area 2D – Kitchen

The installation of the new kitchen has progressed and is due for completion very soon.


Area 3 – Curtain Wall

Sure to be the showpiece of the facelifted centre, the curtain walling element offers a new look to the centre and allows increased natural light inside. Installation of the new window has now progressed and reached 75% completion.

Area 4 – External Works

Works outside of the building have progressed well, with a new path, concrete pads for the air conditioning units and new drainage and gullies all being completed. A new high-security fence has also been installed.


The client has appointed a local Aberystwyth artist to produce wall graphics for the Practical Skills Room for the 1st Lampeter Scouts Group.

With the end of the project coming into clearer focus, having started on site on 15 August 2022, we will continue to provide project progress updates before handing over a completed facility to Ceredigion County Council in the early of April 2023.

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