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Lampeter Wellbeing Centre – Project Update No. 04

LEB showcases its adaptability and can-do approach in latest progress report of the conversion of Lampeter Leisure Centre

The advent of spring brings the best of the unpredictable British weather, as we dodge heavy showers a few seconds before basking in welcome rays of warming sunshine.

Just like the seasonal atmospheric conditions, often, in the world of construction, no two days are the same.

As experienced building contractors, we’ve been there and done it and have seen project changes occur at the drop of a hat. These might be design-led or for environmental or legal reasons, or they might reflect a change of heart from a client. Whatever the context, we are able to adapt and provide the desired end product for our clients.

These less than subtle clues will have prepared you for the news that we’ve encountered some late project changes on our Lampeter Wellbeing Centre project, as well as giving you the reassurance that we take these changes in our stride.

So, what’s changed?

The main element has been a design-led amendment that has resulted in a variation to the ceiling heights in several locations throughout the centre, as well as a change of specification to some flooring elements.

Among these are the gym area, which will now benefit from an industrial chic exposed ceiling, with added head height. Elsewhere, the grid and tile ceiling have been raised and reinstated as before.

Project Update No. 01 (Click here to read)

Finally, we’re delighted to have developed an insulation solution for the panel above the new curtain walling. This insulation will now be installed externally rather than internally as planned. The new panelling will further advance the modern appearance of this façade of the Wellbeing Centre.

With those revisions covered, let’s take a look at where the project current sits. But before we do, if you haven’t already, why not bring yourself up to speed with our previous Progress Reports: No. 01, No. 02 and No. 03.

Ground Floor

Area 1A – Lobby/Entrance

Avoiding any revisions to the ceiling heights, the lobby and reception area continues to be finalised. The ceilings have been installed and the painting and decorating has been carried out throughout.

Stone cladding is being constructed behind the reception desk as a smart interior design feature.

Within the next week, a protective glass screen will be installed on the reception desk, and once the revised flooring is delivered and installed, this area will be complete.

Area 1B – Consultation Rooms and Offices

Continuing to progress alongside Area 1A, the rooms and offices have some final ducting works to be completed. This area’s painting and decorating is 97%, complete with a final coat imminent in a few spots.

The rooms and offices will also be complete once the revised flooring arrives on site and is laid.

Area 1C – Sports Hall

Other than the external façade detail, mentioned earlier, which will be installed above the new curtain walling, this area has been completed, with the new dividing wall and a lift to the first floor. Now the Personal Care Room fit-out has also been completed, with basin and hoists for disabled users.

Area 1D – Gym

As highlighted in the introduction, the ceiling revisions are progressing. Once the existing grid and tile ceilings are removed to increase the height of the room, additional plastering is required to extend up to the new ceiling line, and any adaptions to M&E and painting and decorating to the new exposed region of the walls can be carried out.

We have also received a late change request for the vinyl flooring, which we are progressing with.

First Floor

Area 2A – Area Mezzanine Floor

A visit to site by the air conditioning engineer for a final connection and commissioning is scheduled in the next week, meaning the final ceiling tiles can then be installed, bringing the works in this area to completion.

Area 2B – Upper Rooms

By the Easter weekend, all rooms on the first floor will have been painted and decorated, with any final M&E fixings being installed.

Once the new flooring arrives, this will be laid.

WC and stores have been fitted with vinyl flooring, with second-fix CCTV and fire alarms to follow and be completed by the middle of April.

Area 2C – Practical Skills Room

There are some high-level penetrations to be dealt with before the final ceiling tiles can be installed.

Next week will see the alarm second fix being undertaken along with the air conditioning and fire alarms.

Area 2D – Kitchen

The kitchen is installed and finished, with next week seeing a Whiterock splashback and worktop upstands being installed.


Area 3 – Curtain Wall

The curtain wall has been installed and completed.

Area 4 – External Works

As mentioned above, new insulated panels above the curtain wall are to be installed.

To the front of the wellbeing centre, an existing concrete path will be broken out after Easter and replaced with tarmac, which will also be graded to the main entrance to provide a level threshold and Disability Discrimination Act-compliant access.

Other external works are being completed, or have been, including a new path, concrete pads for the air conditioning units and new drainage and gullies. A new high-security fence has also been installed.


The client has appointed a local artist to produce wall graphics in the Practical Skills Room for the 1st Lampeter Scouts Group. This will be carried out once we have completed our works and handed possession back to our client.

We have been delighted to continue to meet with the client and delivery team and to work closely with the architect for the revised details, and we have welcomed the end user to site to show them how the project is progressing.

Furthermore, we have continued communications with Building Control to ensure that they are satisfied with the works carried out and ready to sign the project off upon practical completion.

Having incorporated these revisions, we are now working towards a project completion of mid-May 2023.

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