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Preserving Our Built Environment for Future Generations

The phrase ‘built environment’ is often used to differentiate between structures that have been constructed and the natural world. But it should be considered more than a simple expression. The properties we build, refurbish and preserve as a construction company are not just bricks and mortar; they are the environments in which people work, live, study and spend their leisure time. The quality of our built assets determines how we thrive as people and communities, how we protect our history and culture, and what legacy we leave for the future.

At LEB Construction, we are proud and fortunate to work in a region known for both its natural beauty and a rich built environment heritage. It’s a privilege to be involved in protecting and preserving that rich landscape and much of our work involves buildings that need to be maintained to ensure future generations benefit from the quality construction previous generations have left behind.

Refurbishment and Upgrades

There is a huge difference between a building that is a museum piece, protected as a nod to a lost past, and a heritage building that continues to enhance lives with a contemporary purpose. Much of the work we do in the heritage sector is focused on remodelling, refurbishing and upgrading buildings to give them a new lease of life, adapt them for modern use or enhance them to be more energy efficient.

For example, upgrade works might include installation of insulation or acoustic baffling, enhancing the comfort of the space while reducing running costs. We are often called upon to reconfigure the internal layout or to refresh the interior finishes and our work with the National Library of Wales, a landmark building first opened in 1916, is a great example of this type of work.

Whatever the brief, our remit is to work sensitively with the fabric of the building to enhance the existing structure. Whether a building is listed or not, our approach is to respect the original design, specification and craftsmanship to answer the client’s requirements.

Our projects also include construction of extensions to heritage buildings and, once again, our aim is to ensure that we work closely with the client and the architect to add new spaces without any negative impacts on the original building.

Maintenance and Conservation

Much of the work involved in preserving heritage buildings for future generations is focused on maintenance. Degradation of a building is exponential, so it’s critical that maintenance work is carried out ahead of issues with the building fabric. That includes timely repairs to roofs, interior and exterior redecoration programmes, and adaptations of building services.

Our maintenance work on Aberystwyth Royal Pier is a good example of how we work with clients to protect built assets. Any structure in a coastal location is vulnerable to the saline atmosphere and the pier, one of the town’s treasured Victorian landmarks, is particularly susceptible to wear and tear because of its location.

Building for a new era

Whether we are working on refurbishment or maintenance projects for heritage buildings, or creating new contributions to the built environment, for the LEB team, the word ‘environment’ is key. What we build should enhance the region, aesthetically, economically and socially, and we are driving that ethos forward by respecting previous generations of construction in mid Wales and creating a legacy of our own.


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