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Digitising Construction

Harnessing the Power of Technology

The construction industry is going through an age of dynamic change, embracing technology to improve its operations. From modern methods of construction (MMC) and building information modelling (BIM) to site surveys via drones or a combination of augmented reality and robotics for hazardous jobs, the way we’ll deliver projects in the future will look very different.

The pressure to deliver at speed and at low cost, without compromising quality has seen the industry turn to digital solutions for help. LEB Construction has made a significant investment into technology that will bring multiple benefits for our clients and partners. Digital platform Procore allows us to manage all our projects via the cloud, from tendering and preconstruction, right through to project budgets and final invoicing.

For our clients, this means real time updates and complete visibility. Via a mobile, tablet or laptop our team can access, update, and share all the documents relating to any job, from plans and budgets to correspondence and site photographs. This means we can provide an instant update from anywhere, ensuring efficient communication and complete transparency and accountability.

As plans are adapted and tweaked, the software provides an easily accessible way to review the latest design, check the budget or track planned material deliveries to site. Documents and changes can be authorised and signed by clients in real time and the software helps us to provide effective document control, providing a digital record of all correspondence during the lifecycle of a project, which is useful in the unlikely event of a dispute.

Enhancing Collaboration and Efficiency

Running a busy site, managing teams and trades, monitoring costs, keeping the client updated and communicating changes to plans or design is a juggling act. It can be hard just keeping everyone in the loop.

Our Procore system provides a digital hub to simplify this process and reduces miscommunication and manual entry errors as it streamlines communication. Thanks to our investment, we can implement best practice collaboration across teams and projects by connecting clients, contractors, and specialist trades across the one platform.

If a query comes into a site manager from a sub-contractor, supply chain or client, it can be dealt with there and then, rather than heading back to the site office to find the information and share it. This allows us to be more productive and efficient, responding quickly to information requests.

Technology allows greater project control as we can use the data created to inform our decision making. A good example is in health and safety, we can monitor data on various site safety details and potentially predict issues by recognising patterns. If a trend appears, we can address it rapidly and flag the potential issue to the team quickly.

Building for Growth

This significant investment is a reflection on our confidence in the market and our business. We’ve expanded our team and are laying the foundations for further growth. Technology is a big part of this process. Construction, like most sectors, has had its challenges through the pandemic but our sector has consistently shown itself to be resilient and dynamic.

Our investment means clients can benefit from the type of technology usually reserved for the top tier contractors but keep the local service and attention to detail that comes with a local contractor.

As a company, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to get the job done, without compromising on quality. This technology allows us to take that mantra one step further.


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