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LEB Construction End of Year Review

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

We review the events and highlights of 2022 and tip our hats to the amazing work being undertaken in our communities for those less fortunate

We are delighted and thankful that 2022 has been another stepping stone in the history, development and growth of LEB Construction.

This was our 13th year since our establishment in 2009, and was, fortunately, a lucky one. We have been able to continue delivering great projects for amazing clients while growing the LEB team.

We wanted to take a moment to look back on the year and at those brilliant projects, at our partnerships with charities and good causes, plus there’s an end-of-year message from our Managing Director, Luke Baker.

Project highlights from 2022

Project: Cardigan Primary School – Value: £2.73m – Client: Ceredigion County Council

In the spring, we were awarded a contract to undertake the extension and refurbishment works at the locally important Infant and Junior School in Cardigan by Ceredigion County Council.

The works, the largest contract award in LEB’s history, would see a transformation of the front elevation of the school, meaning pupils will arrive to a modern and vibrant-looking school that will inspire those walking through its doors for years to come. Behind the new fascia would be a new and larger reception area with additional offices and a new Headteacher’s office.

Further works across the school include the creation of new classrooms, the linking of the Infant and Junior schools, a new lift for disabled access to the first floor, roofing, new toilets, heating and much more.

Having commenced work at pace during the school summer holidays, we have been providing exciting progress reports on the project as it takes shape and the school is transformed. This includes the latest news that the reception extension will be completed two weeks before its original start date.

For the latest news on Cardigan school, please see out Progress Report No 01 and Progress Report No 02.

Project: National Library of Wales Post Room Development – Value: £1.8m – Client: National Library of Wales

We were delighted to be appointed to undertake a project at the National Library of Wales, which is based in our home town of Aberystwyth.

The project’s scope of works commenced with the demolition of an existing and dated modular building situated in a courtyard. We are in the process of replacing this with a new-build three-storey extension which will become home to the Post Room and offices for the Estates Department.

We are scheduled to complete on site and hand over in February 2023, at which point we will provide a project review and photos of the new facilities.

Project: Lampeter Wellbeing Centre – Value: £1.1m – Client: Ceredigion County Council

This project is first Wellbeing Hub for Ceredigion County Council, and will see the existing leisure centre transformed into a wellbeing centre. It will become a place that benefits the wider community, offering support for the community across all age groups, including employment advice and training, along with wider housing and support for young people.

The reimagined centre is to be given a new mezzanine floor to extend the first floor, and a curtain wall window that will allow more natural light into the centre while providing the additional benefits of giving the building a more modern appearance.

We are creating a new gym area, first-floor rooms, refreshed reception and offices, new kitchen and much more, while the whole facility benefits from rewiring, new plumbing, ventilation and a fire alarm.

Works are scheduled to be completed at the end of the winter, and we have been able to take various design changes in our stride and keep the works on programme.

See how we’re getting on in our Progress Report No. 01 and Progress Report No. 02.

Project: Llandysul Fire Station – Client: Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Three main elements come to mind when thinking of the fire service: fire, water and an annual calendar. While water is a vital part of a fireperson’s world, Llandysul Fire Station was suffering from too much of it: flooding, in fact, from the local river.

We were appointed to help resolve this and keep the fire men and women dry until they went out on a call. Our works involved adding a second storey to the fire station, out of reach of the flood waters, providing staff offices, WC and shower rooms, breakout rooms and storage facilities.

The tight 16-week programme was competed before the end of the summer.

Project: Inn on the Pier – Client: Royal Pier, Aberystwyth

Opened in 1865, Aberystwyth’s pier is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the coastal resort. Jutting out 242m into the Irish Sea, it’s on the frontline of being battered by the elements, yet the best place to be on a warm summer’s day. Moreover, the structure is exposed to wear and tear as tourists and locals flock to the attraction.

We were appointed by Royal Pier, Aberystwyth – who also have the Inn on the Pier under their ownership – to undertake the refurbishment of the pub as well as the rear sundeck, as it’s known, which was treated to new millboard decking to give it a refreshed look, allowing it continue to provide patrons with breathtaking views in the fresh seaside air.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Royal Pier, Aberystwyth, with whom we have a long-standing relationship. We are thankful for their continuing custom and support.

Project: Various projects – Client: Aberystwyth University

We are delighted to retain our excellent relations with Aberystwyth University as we continue to undertake a variety of projects on their behalf.

The university’s continued support is much appreciated and it is with thanks that they choose to appoint us time and time again.

Contributions and support to charities and good causes

Community engagement is vital to us, whether that’s through our work, employing local trades and staff or communicating through social media outlets. But we also want to give back, so this year we are delighted to confirm that we have been able to support the following causes:

Aberystwyth Foodbank

This is a great cause that’s on the doorstep of our head office. We have been pleased to contribute £1,000 to this year’s foodbank.

Cardigan Foodbank

LEB has worked in the Cardigan area for some time and at present we are undertaking the extension and refurbishment work at Cardigan Primary School. We therefore wanted to show our appreciation to a community that has been so warmly welcomed us by contributing £1,000 to the Cardigan Foodbank.

Keeping with the theme of Cardigan, we donned our best Santa’s hat and coat and handed out over 450 chocolate selection boxes to the pupils of Cardigan Primary School and Flying Start Centre.

Home Café – 13–15 Pier Street, Aberystwyth. Tel: 01970 617513. Home cafe restaurant

Home Café continues to provide a selfless and heart-warming service by opening its doors on Christmas Day to homeless and vulnerable people within the local community, giving them a warm place to have a Christmas meal.

We have provided toys, winter warmers and chocolates to be handed out.

Bronglais Hospital, Children’s Ward

Christmas spent in hospital is something that none of us wish to think of as being a reality, whether for ourselves or our nearest and dearest.

However, it’s even worse for children at a time of year they are meant to share with their families, excited for the big day, their presents and gran’s Brussels sprouts.

For those children unfortunate enough to be facing the holidays in the Bronglais Hospital ward this year, we’ve dropped off some toys and chocolates to hopefully bring some festive joy and make their time there a little more enjoyable.

Local Heroes

Our first local hero is a local female teenager who has been raising money for motor neurone disease (MND), after a family member was diagnosed with the disease.

Luca is our second local hero. Sadly, he has been diagnosed with an incurable cancer. If you too would like to make a contribution to Luca’s fight for life, you can find out more at

Aberystwyth Round Table

LEB Construction and in particular our MD, Luke Baker, have been long-time supporters of the Aberystwyth Round Table. We utilise our resources to provide support to the Round Table where we can, including to the annual Aberystwyth Fireworks Display.

A message from the MD - Luke Baker

Welcome to our end of year review for 2022.

I would like to start by thanking every person who has been part of LEB’s journey in 2022: from our brilliant staff, supply chain and clients, we are grateful to you all.

We are only as good as our team, who are only as good as the backing and support they get from their families and loved ones, so please extend our thanks and Christmas wishes to your entire families.

This year has been a landmark year for LEB Construction. We’ve won our largest ever project at Cardigan Primary School, and have delivered some brilliant projects, including the National Library for Wales, Llandysul Fire Station and Inn on the Pier.

Works are continuing at Cardigan Primary School, National Library for Wales and Lampeter Wellbeing Centre, and we are delighted to have an order book bursting with exciting projects in 2023, including Bow Street School, a large domestic house and works at a police station. Keep an eye on our channels, as we’ll be announcing more details on these in the New Year.

Reading this end-of-year message, you will no doubt have picked up that we are extremely

proud of our community, where we live and where we work. It has been an honour to be able to give back to the community through donations but it’s more important for us to recognise the amazing work that is being done for those less fortunate, from food banks and Christmas meals at Home Café to nurses and doctors caring for children who will spend Christmas in hospital.

Looking ahead to 2023, the country as well as the world faces a tough and uncertain year; however, we are positive and hopeful that 2023 will be a fantastic year for all, and one that should be welcomed after the uncertain years that have preceded it. We are also looking forward to commencing the construction of our new offices at Glanyrafon Industrial Estate in Aberystwyth.

I and everyone at LEB Construction would like to with you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best wishes



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