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LEB Construction Wins Statkraft Energy Brief

LEB Construction wins Statkraft Energy Brief

LEB Construction has won a contract to provide control room works for Statkraft Energy Ltd.

In addition to constructing a new Standby Control Centre for the whole of Statkraft Energy Ltd.’s UK Hydro & Wind Assets portfolio, LEB Construction will also create a new server room and some building alteration works.

The team has started on site and the works are expected to complete in June 2021. Founder and managing director, Luke Baker comments:

“We’re especially proud of this job as we won the project based on the technical expertise of our team. As well as building works to construct a new standby control centre, we are also creating a new server room. The project will be delivered across multiple locations and will improve operations and reduce risk for Statkraft.

“We’re delighted to be working with Statkraft and look forward to delivering a great project over the next few months.”

The Rheidol power plant is the largest of its kind in England and Wales and has generated renewable energy since 1962.


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